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This podcast is created and hosted by:
Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D.

Dr. Brooks is a former public school teacher (grades 6-12) of math, science, health education, anatomy, physiology, and a former Adjunct University Professor of teacher education.  Dr. Brooks holds a Bachelors in Health Education from Miami University, and a Masters and Ph.D. in Education from Walden University.  He was also a whistleblower within the American K12 education system.

He's has written for, his Substack page The American Classroom, and he's the author of several books on violence in school, crime, health and safety, politics, teacher effectiveness, parental rights, and corruption within American K-12 and higher education.  All of his books are available on

In August of 2021, in a planned attempt to stop people from hurting and killing themselves and one another, Dr. Brooks gave a speech at an Ohio school-board meeting and shared facts with the audience about the so-called "COVID vaccine" and the consequences of taking them.  After hundreds of millions of views worldwide, his speech was censored from every social-media platform at the time, except for Gab, Bitchute, Rumble and Telegram.  Two weeks after his speech, that same Ohio school district temporarily closed for a series of days, due to staff and student illness from the shots.  To this day, the illnesses and death-toll from the shots continues to rise.

Dr. Brooks has been a national and international speaker, and a guest on The Insider Insight Show w/Dr. Dave Janda, Quite Frankly, The Alex Jones Show, Lost Arts Radio w/Dr. Richard Sacks, The Kate Dalley Show, and The Dangerous INFO Podcast w/Jesse Jaymz.

Dr. Brooks' podcast includes discussions on current and past real geopolitics, the collapse of American K12 & university education, the corrupt medical industry, homeschool advocacy, and personal insight and translation into national and international events with objective advice, predictions and direction.

American Education FM airs Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 6am, EST. where podcasts are available.

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