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Achieve your goals with the best supplements that science can offer. Become an expert in your body's unique needs by accessing groundbreaking information about the science of wellness right at your fingertips.

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Read the fine print and place your order.  It arrives in a few short days.

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Multivitamin and Nutrient Purchase List.

This PDF is a list of must have vitamins and nutrients.  With the FDA removing cures, you will want to attain these ASAP.  
These are also recommended fo those who have taken the jabs.

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Detoxing #1

The attached PDF is a list of methods to detox from the jab. The work and methods listed are not mine.

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Detoxing #2

The attached PDF is a list of methods to detox from the jab.  This is the work of Dr. Carrie Madej, and anecdotal evidence from other Americans who have used other methods.  This also includes daily vitamin intake for health persons and potential cancer treatments.  The work and methods listed are not mine.  This document will be added to, as more methods are discovered.

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Detoxing #3

The attached PDF is a list of methods to detox from the jab.  The work and methods listed are not mine. 

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"COVID", Masks and Jab Articles.

Click below to download a list of articles and references.  Article links are included and should be referenced in any and all written and formal complaints.

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Dr. Rafael F. Cruz MD
Recommended supplement and product list.

Dr. Rafael F. Cruz MD is a medical doctor in Indiana and is also a telemedicine doctor for Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine.  Click below for his 2 page PDF with a list of supplements, nebulizers, and other products and instructions to improve your health, along with products for the sick.  Call his phone number to have him prescribe Ivermectin, inhalant steroids and other COVID related medicines.  All can be delivered to your house.

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Bonds for the 

This website has everything you need to file claims against your schools surety bonds/good faith and honesty policy, and how to file an insurance claim.  Click on surety bonds, find your state and place your district on notice.  Follow the step-by-step processes provided.

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Documents for Vaccination Centers, Local Police, County Sheriff's  & NOTICE-OF-LIABILITY:

You can use these documents (PDF's) to send/email to your local health departments, state health departments, local police and Sheriff's office to place them on notice and encourage them to investigate and shut down the distribution of the bio-weapon/"vaccines."

Document 1.
Document 2.
Document 3.
Document 4.
Document 5.
Document 6.


State Department of Education Complaint Forms Against School Employees.

This downloadable PDF form provides tips on how to file a claim against a school's insurance company and filing complaints against the Ohio Department Education or any state department of education, against any and all licensed employees.

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Ohio K12 "COVID Cash" Distribution by District.

Download the documents for the state of Ohio, and find your K12 district in alphabetical order.

Click Here for Ohio K12 fund allocation/regulations

CARES "COVID CASH" Distribution for Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S.

Click below to download the 109 page PDF that shows the money distribution for American Colleges and Universities.  Type in a name of a school in the search box of the PDF, once downloaded, to find a school faster.

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Homeschooling Resources.

Click below to download a form with links. Two schools that are recommended homeschooling options are listed at the top, and a social media group on Gab is also listed, among many other options.  
Simple and straight forward.

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Religious Exemption Templates: Gab.

Religious Exemption documents for download: Click below.

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Religious Exemption Template and Fact Sheet.

The Rutherford Institute's Religious Exemption form and fact sheet.
Both PDF's are on the right-hand side. 

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