The Storm

Click below to download the free 14 Volume PDF book series about the daily events of our world, in chronological order, from March of 2020 though Easter of 2021.
Included within are anon posts, Q posts, memes, tweets and social media posts, hyperlinks, news headlines etc.  Each Volume is approximately 400 + pages long.

Volumes  One through Six are downloadable to a computer from this website directly and some volumes are available through Jumpshare.  Once there, click the three-dotted button on the right side, then click where it says download.  Then click "Accept" the download if applicable.
The Storm: Volume One.
The Storm: Volume Two.
The Storm: Volume Three.
The Storm: Volume Four.
The Storm: Volume Five.
The Storm: Volume Six.

Volumes Seven through Fourteen are available on  You have to create a free account there in order to download these documents below.
The Storm: Volume Seven.
The Storm: Volume Eight.
The Storm: Volume Nine.
The Storm: Volume Ten.
The Storm: Volume Eleven.
The Storm: Volume Twelve.
The Storm: Volume Thirteen.
The Storm: Volume Fourteen.

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